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10 Pics Of Dogs As Puppies And All Grown Up (New Pics)

There are few things on this planet cuter than a puppy. Their soft, squishy faces, huge eyes and fluffy fur can melt my heart into a puddle faster than anything else. But because puppies often get the most attention, it’s easy to forget how adorable older doggos can be too. So today, we’re celebrating both ends of the spectrum!

Bored Panda has scoured the internet to find heartwarming before and after pics of dogs as puppies and all grown up, so prepare yourself for a cuteness overload down below. Keep reading to also find a chat with the team at Lucky Dog Animal Rescue, and be sure to upvote the dogs that you would love to have as members of your family!

#1 Then vs. Now. This Is Cain, My Best Friend. I Saved This Fella From A Bad Situation, And Now He Makes My House A Home

#2 My Little Potato, Who’s Ears Never Seemed To Grow

#3 Before And After

If you’ve ever owned a dog, I don’t need to tell you what a lifechanging experience it can be. These precious creatures are called man’s best friend for a reason, after all! They’re intelligent, loving, adorable animals who can form incredibly strong bonds with their owners. So it’s no surprise that dogs are the most popular pets in the world, residing in about a third of the world’s households.

To learn more about why dogs make such great companions, we reached out to the team at Lucky Dog Animal Rescue in Arlington, Virginia. “Dogs make wonderful pets for so many reasons,” they shared. “From giving you the motivation to get out of bed in the morning, to sharing unconditional love, to always being by your side through all of life’s twists and turns, there is no animal as loving or as loyal as a dog.”

#4 This Good Boy Grew A Lot This Year

#5 She Didn’t Grow Into Them

#6 Abby’s Before And After. She Is Still A Good Girl

We also asked the Lucky Dog team if they could explain why it’s so important to adopt rather than shop when bringing a new dog into your family. “There are so many animals dying daily in shelters that there really isn’t a good reason to buy from a breeder instead of adopting,” they explained.
“Rescues have all sorts of sizes, ages, personalities, etc. — anything an adopter could wish for. There are even breed specific rescues that focus on particular breeds,” the dog experts added. “The more that people adopt, the less demand there will be for breeders — and the more lives will be saved!”

#7 Pupper Did A Grow From 8 Weeks To Nearly A Year

#8 He Watched Over Her The Whole Time

#9 From 2.5 Months To Nearly 2 Years

And as far as what potential adopters should understand before welcoming a doggo into their lives, the Lucky Dog team says, “People should know that dogs are living beings who deserve to receive the same effort, love, training and commitment that they will offer you. They will have an adjustment period just like you, and in the end everything will be worth it. If you are unsure of what type of dog is best to adopt, we would be happy to help you find a good fit.”
And if you’re interested in adopting, be sure to check out Lucky Dog Animal Rescue!

#10 Mr. Fancy Paws Has Grown Up. The Name Still Stands