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14-Week-Old Puppy Rescued from Undercarriage of Car ‘Without a Scratch’ in Arizona

Gracie was safely rescued from her unlikely hiding place by Humane Society technicians and is now available for adoptionA puppy in

Arizona recently found herself in a tight squeeze, but thanks to diligent work from rescuers, was luckily extracted from her unusual hiding place without harm.

The little dog named Gracie, just 14 weeks old, had recently tried to escape two larger dogs who were chasing her on Feb. 1, according to a Facebook post from the Arizona Humane Society (AHS).

The scary situation resulted in her “[wedging] her way on top of the rear axle of the undercarriage of a car” and becoming too frightened to make her way out.

The organization dispatched emergency tech Dan McGrath to help following the reports of the puppy’s plight, according to 12 News in Mesa, Arizona.

McGrath managed to tempt the animal out “with a little wet food and a lot of patience,” and was repaid “immediately with snuggles,” by the grateful pup, the Arizona Humane Society said.

Following her rescue, the 12-pound Parson Russell Terrier mix was checked by the vet and found to be in good health and “without a scratch.” Gracie was given basic care including a spay surgery, vaccines and a microchip, the organization said.

She’s now available for adoption at the Humane Society’s South Mountain campus.

The organization noted that the dog is just one of the more than 7,400 sick and injured animals rescued by their Emergency Animal Medical Technician program in the last year alone, as well as one of the nearly 18,000 pets that AHS cares for every year.