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Woman Who Nearly Starved Her Dog To Death Receives Maximum Sentence

Bogey, a pit bull who was almost starved to death by his heartless owner, has finally received some form of justice.

Ohio woman, Ashley Roderick, pleaded guilty to starving Bogey, a misdemeanor animal cruelty charge, and received the maximum sentence allowed.

But they refused to give up on him and the survivor pulled through.

In addition to be malnourished, the sweet boy had a ruptured right eye that needed to be removed, but he was too weak for surgery. He slowly started to regain his strength and months later received the necessary eye surgery.

The suffering that he has gone through was completely unnecessary and people need to realize there are consequences to doing that to someone else,” Jean Keating, the executive director of the Lucas County Pit Crew said shortly after his rescue.

He went to a foster home where he received around-the-clock care and made a full recovery, mentally and physically. Even after all the pain he endured, he remained a happy dog. His playful personality started to shine and he focused on having fun while his “crew” waited for the trial of his neglectful owner.